Rothschilds in India

Do the Rothschilds own the RBI?

Leading question and answer website Quora is filled with number of question’s but i found this one interesting. Yes someone on Quora asked about Rothschild presence in India. Do you know Who are Rothschils ? If don’t, then you have to do some homework.

So here is the answer from Quora:

Ques: Do the Rothschilds own the RBI ?
Found an official RBI document which shows they were pivotal in its Genesis. Link for it is below

Answer: Not exactly. Rothschilds own capital of RBI & certain stakes of state government banks eg.SBI. It’s not just India most of the countries federal money owned by this big giant billionaire. Just imagine after India got independent just after they formed RBI or centrally financial governing body who can give & manage government money but government have no money, so they borrowed money from this giant. Still the time i don’t think either country/government returned their money so they keep on getting rich.

End of story capital goes on increasing with market value, still governing body is RBI itself.

You can read more Intresting answer on Quora Forum.

  • RBI is a Rothschilds controlled central bank and its puppets are installed as the successive governors of it. As known, Rothschilds is one of the leading families of the NWO Globalists. Rajan is a Globalist puppet since years and was one even when he was at the IMF. He receives inside information and orders from his Globalist masters. The threat to his life is just an attention-seeking gimmick, but, at times, if the Globalists are displeased with any of their puppets or if they feel that the said puppet knows too much about their diabolical activities then they invariably bump off the puppet. Several US presidents, third world Prime Ministers, noted industrialists, major espionage agents, whistle blowers and prominent entertainers have been killed by these Globalists . ISIS is created and controlled by the CIA/Mossad/Saudi intel and in turn these intel agencies are controlled by the Globalists. The Globalists control both sides of the dialect and functions as the shadow world government.