Banned Chinese fire crackers selling openly
Banned Chinese fire crackers selling openly

Nagpur : Diwali, the festival of light, is under threat from Chinese made crackers. Chinese crackers have been banned because they have contain potassium perchlorate. Despite the ban, these crackers are selling like hot cake at Gandhibagh, Lal Imli, Itwari and along Central Avenue.
A team of Lokmat Media visited these locations and found traders selling Chinese made crackers openly. Some of the lanes are so narrow and crowded that even two-wheeler can hardly pass there. Possibility of an untoward incident at heavily crowded lanes full of highly explosive crackers cannot be ruled out entirely.
The shopkeepers told Lokmat Media team initially that they don’t have Chinese crackers. Once taken into confidence, they pointed the team towards another shop. The second shopkeeper showed the team his stash of Chinese crackers.
Big shop keepers have kept a box full of Chinese fire crackers to show smaller traders. The box contains rockets, poppops, pencils, and other types and sizes of fire crackers. The team placed an order and within a minute were presented with a bag full of these banned crackers.
Compared to last year, the Chinese crackers this year appear more dangerous. Earlier popops used to come in 0.75 cm size, but this year, they are as long as 2 inch. This cracker bursts when slammed on ground. Missile is type of cracker that is used as pistol shots.
The most dangerous is hand grenade. This cracker has a hook which is used to hang it. When the string attached to the cracker is pulled, it releases a huge amount of smoke then bursts in a few seconds.
Banned potassium perchlorate used Sources informed that no guarantee can be given about Chinese made crackers. Potassium perchlorate is used in minor quantity in these crackers. This powder costs ` 50 per kg. The powder used in Indian crackers costs ` 300 per kg. Sources informed that potassium perchlorate is not used in Indian fire crackers.