Barelvi Imam Ahmed Raza Khan
Barelvi Imam Ahmed Raza Khan

World renowned Barelvi Imam Ahmed Raza Khan has always proved his mastery with his excellence in Islamic law dating back from the 19th century rulings and verdicts which are still absolutely valid and extremely ubiquitous in the 21st century of confusion, chaos and catharsis among the Muslim community.

Ala Hazrat being recognised as a great Wali, as the Ghousul Azam and as the Imam Abu Hanifa (radi Allahu anhum) of his time, Ala Hazrat (radi Allahu anhu) was also regarded as the Mujaddid (Reviver) of Islam of the 19th Century.

One of the titles bestowed onto him, Imam-E-Ahle Sunnat, Ala Hazrat (radi Allahu anhu), has once again reserved the title which transliterates as “The Imam of Ahle Sunnat”. Not only was his knowledge and wisdom called for, in moments of confusion among Islamic scholars, but he was also needed while interpreting Muslim Personal Laws.

At times when issues concerning Muslim Personal Laws turned out to be undecipherable, learned scholars, aalims and Darul Ifta considered only one man capable of solving the complicated issues that demanded precision, command and finesse which was only unto Imam Ala Hazrat.

A famous incident is often shared to create awareness about Ala Hazrat’s wisdom, of the time when a case was filed in the court of Kingdom of Bhawalpur on 17th August, 1913. A man named Wahid Baksh had decreed a will in which he divided his property among his wife and his acquaintance.

A number of Islamic clerics had declared their rulings on the case but Chief Justice of India, Deen Mohammed stood unsatisfied by the rulings. He prepared a list of questions and requested Imam Ala Hazrat for his guidance. In the end, it was Ala Hazrat’s ocean of wisdom that solved the case and stood as a benchmark verdict.

With the event of Urs-E-Razvi, on 24th, 25th and 26th November, Bareilly is expected to witness massive crowds of followers of Dargah Ala Hazrat.