action against Zakir Naik

Bangladesh is waiting for India’s action against Zakir Naik

Accused of delivering hate speeches, Dr. Zakir Naik had been checked by the intelligence agency of Bangladesh. As a result, Naik’s TV channel had been banned in Bangladesh. Reports claimed that one of the terrorists behind Dhaka attack was inspired by Zakir Naik’s speech.

Bangladeshi Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu is in India on his six-day visit. Inu said that Bangladesh had banned the broadcast of Naik’s Peace TV and indicated that now the country is waiting for India’s action against Naik.

Bangladesh doesn’t have any evidence of links between home-grown terrorists in Bangladesh with extremists outfits in India. Bangladesh has witnessed over 43 attacks on thinkers, bloggers and people from Sufi faith and it has been found that in almost 90 % cases, the attackers had links with banned Jamaat-e-Islami, said Inu.
Many Islamic scholars had come up with written complaints against Naik. Zakir had been declared unfit to preach as per an Islamic decree issued from various Indian Islamic Institutions.