India Against Israel
India Against Israel
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New Delhi, Nov 18. ‘’Rivlin Go Back’ and ‘Long Live Palestine’, thousands of supporters and the members of Muslim Students Organization of India alias MSO chanted in the open sky of Jantar Mantar road here in capital. MSO organized a day long agitation procession against Israeli President Reuven Rivlin’s visit to India.

Shujaat Ali Quadri spoke to the gathering of MSO and its supporting Sunni Clergy organization All India Tanzeem Ulama E Islam, that India is known for its longstanding with Palestine and we always voiced for a Independent Palestine state vis a vis Indian people always agitated on the Israeli atrocities on Palestinians. India’s ultimate support for the Palestinian cause is still an underlying concern. Beyond the recognition for Palestinian self-determination ties have been largely dependent upon socio-cultural bonds. “We are very disappointed on the state visit of Israeli President Reuven Rivin as we are shocked that Israel, with its lawless conduct has emerged as role model for the Indian nation-state, born in the struggle against colonialism and committed to peaceful relations in the neighborhood. We refuse to accept that Israel’s undemocratic and exclusionary regime of apartheid is the new model for India. We think that economic ties with Israel will make India complicit in Israel’s crimes against humanity by indirectly facilitating the Israeli army. We think that warming the relationship with Israel will put India on the wrong side of the global movement to boycott companies and institutions that are believed to “bear complicity in Israeli war crimes”, he said.

A memorandum in the name of Government of India, MSO stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s should cancel his planned visit to Israel to celebrate the diplomatic relationship of two countries. Memorandum asked government to deduct and later consummate the defence supplies from Israel to India as this business will make India complicit in Israel’s crimes against humanity by indirectly facilitating the Israeli army. The organisation also demand for a release a press note in the view of state visit of Israeli President Reuven Rivin that India stands with the Free, Independent and Sovereign Palestine state.

During the procession called ‘A March to parliament’, members of MSO gathered to go to Parliament but Delhi Police managed to stop them within the Jantar Mantar Road. Later they handed over the memorandum about the issue to Police named to President of India and the Prime Minister. A young supporter of MSO was flying Palestinian Flag and was asking for the justice to Palestinian martyred by Zionist forces. “India was the first non-Arab country to contemporaneously recognise the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s authority as “the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. A PLO office was set up in the Indian capital in 1975, with full diplomatic relations established in March 1980. In return, India opened a Representative Office in Gaza in 1996. But Narendra Modi regime of India is losing its balance and shifting towards Israel, that we will not tolerate”, Imran an MSO activist told here. “Indian generations recognize the region in the name of Yassar Arafat, but not the Zionists. We stand with India Palestinian friendship” another member of MSO murmured.