modi target anti national elements

PM Modi slams anti-social activists over cow-vigilantes


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday hit out at cow vigilantes and said that he was angry that a few anti-social elements who indulge in wrongful deeds during the night don the mantle of cow protectors during the day.

“Some people who have opened their shops in the name of cow protectors, I feel anguished by them. Gau sevaks and Gau protectors are both very different,”

Modi also asked state governments to prepare a dossier of all these vigilantes and keep an eye on their activities.

“If we prepare of dossier of these individuals I am sure we will be able to find out that 70-80% of these people indulge in anti-social activities that aren’t acceptable in normal society,” Modi said.

Recalling an incident from Gujarat where he came across a cow which had consumed several kilos of plastic, Modi told the crowd that if these cow vigilantes really wanted to serve the cow they should first stop the animal from consuming plastic.

“Cows mostly die of eating plastic bags and these cow rakshaks should urge people not to throw plastic on the roads. This will be a big Sewa,” the PM added.

Without naming any organisation Modi said that the term “swayamsevak” means selfless service and those associated with it should not end creating a fear psychosis among others.
Modi’s comments come in the backdrop of the public flogging of Dalits last month in Gujarat’s Una town for skinning a dead cow which had created a hue and cry over the discrimination