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Why PM Narendra Modi called an IAS officer at 10 PM in the night

New Delhi, Aug 26: Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer posted in Tripura in the night at 10 PM. The IAS officer was reportedly shocked upon receiving a call from the Prime Minister at such moment of time. The entire episode has been narrated by a user on Quora. If the story narrated by him is to be believed, one would really end up respecting Narendra Modi for living up to his duty as the Prime Minister of the nation. The call was reportedly made to the IAS officer on July 21. At the time, Government of India (GoI) had taken cognizance of the urgent need to repair NH 28 highway which connects Tripura with rest of the nation. Due to destruction of the roadway, Tripura was left deprived of essential commodities.

According to Pushpak Chakraborty, a Quora user, the IAS officer received a call from PMO and was asked whether he could speak to the Prime Minister now. The officer was shocked and said ‘yes’ in a shivering voice. Immediately the call was diverted and Narendra Modi was on the line. Upon hearing the PM, the officer’s leg was trembling. He could not believe that the Prime Minister of the nation has reached out to him, Chakraborty said.

Modi apologized the IAS officer for calling at 10 PM in the night, but said that the matter was serious. Briefly describing him about the alarming situation in Tripura, Modi instructed the officer to oversee the highway construction from next day and ensure it gets completed at the earliest. Modi ensured the IAS officer of being provided with all resources required by Government of India.

Upon reaching his work premises the next day, the IAS officer was contacted by Government of Assam and Government of Tripura offering him the help required for the construction activity. All the funds were sanctioned swiftly by the respective governments and the IAS officer was provided adequate amount of supplies at the earliest. 15 kms of the damaged highway was repaired in the next few days, connecting Tripura once again with Assam and mainland India.
Here is the complete episode narrated by the user of Quora:
An IAS officer who is well known to my father and is posted in North Tripura got a call at 10pm on 21st July. He was surprised to get a call so late in the night.
A young voice from the other side apologised for calling so late and asked if he is free for a few minutes because the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi wants to talk to him.
His brain froze for a few seconds and he could feel his legs shivering. He meekly whispered yes and after a few beeps, the call was transferred and none other than Mr Modi was on call. Modi apologised to him again for calling so late and said that he is just done with a meeting with Mr Nitin Gadkari and they needed his help to repair National Highway 208-A connecting Tripura to the rest of the country. He says he doesn’t even remember how he responded to it. All he remembers is Modi telling him that the GOI has spoken to both the Assam and Tripura Government and all help would be provided to him to oversee the project.
He didn’t sleep that night. Modi’s voice kept echoing in his mind and he couldn’t believe what had just happened. He tried connecting all dots and couldn’t find any logic.
Next day, when he reached his office, he got communications from Tripura Government, Assam Government and GOI. He was sanctioned funds for the project to repair 15 kms of the highway. He immediately took his staff and went to visit the stretch. He found 6 JCBs standing there that were provided by Assam Government.
Over the next 4 days, more than 300 trucks with materials kept arriving and along with local workers and PWD officials from Assam and Tripura, he opened the highway for vehicles with necessities for Tripura.
Yesterday Mr Nitin Gadkari called him to thank him for his remarkable efforts and promised that NH-44 would be repaired on a war mode. He also asked him to visit PMO office whenever he is in Delhi.
That’s my India with such remarkable stories of valour and I am proud of it. This story signifies how the Central Government is concerned about its people and there are numerous, I repeat, numerous such stories from across the country.