Donald Trump

Donald Trump Takes a Moment Away From Presidential Campaign to Tweet Racist Drivel at Elizabeth Warren

Ah, Twitter, that ubiquitous medium of polite and thoughtful political discourse.

On Saturday, Donald Trump took time away from awkwardly forehead-kissing Mike Pence to direct some racist vitriol toward his sworn nemesis, Massachusetts senator and all-around political clapback queen Elizabeth Warren, with whom Trump has famously engaged in a months-long virtual tête-à-tête.

Trump, unable to cope with the outstanding blow to his ego Warren delivered when she called him “small,” “insecure,” “weak,” “embarrassing,” “reckless,” and an “insult-belcher,” fired off a tweet Saturday morning alleging that Hillary Clinton chose Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate instead of Warren because of Warren’s lack of a Senate record.

“Pocahontas” is a reference to Warren’s Native American heritage. But Warren, who was having none of it (especially given her nearly impeccable voting record, founding of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and sponsorship of at least 98 bills), answered back with a tweet of her own.