The burkini ban in France

The burkini ban in France

The burkini ban in France has spread to three cities, and today a xenophobic riot erupted in Corsica as hundreds of locals marched into a social housing complex with a heavy Muslim population chanting “This is our home!” after a fight broke out over a burkini.

How did the riot start? A Muslim man objected to tourists taking pictures of his burkini-wearing wife, and in response locals began ganging up on him and two other Muslim families also on the beach. They then called for help from friends, and soon things descended into violence.

The situation got so bad that the police had to form a cordon around the families to protect them, and four people, including a pregnant woman were taken to the hospital after bottles and stones were thrown.

This is the result of a burkini ban. Vigilante violence, people treating women swimming in burkinis like animals at a zoo. An atmosphere of hate, of fear, of tension.

The burkini ban in France is not just xenophobic and misogynistic; as a piece of legislation, it enables and encourages racists to take matters into their own hands, to feel justified about their racist anger and to feel that the law is on their side.

The state is enabling this racist violence through these laws, and the politicians who yell loudly about Muslims every time a nut job of North African descent kills civilians somewhere in Europe are inciting the public to violence.

Supporting the burkini ban in France means supporting attacks on Muslims for trying to go to the beach, it means supporting laws banning women from choosing what to wear, and it means contributing to an atmosphere of racist hatred across Europe and the US.

The more such idiotic bans we see targeting Muslims, the more such violence we will see. This is a dangerous road to go down. And it is a shame to see the legions of faux-feminists supporting it.